BR Lakota's Little Bit

Now was our second quest, where was the filly that Pepper foaled nineteen days after adoption?  We called the man up that we got Pepper from and asked him about her foal.  We were told that he sold her to a girl that used to do his barn chores; he had her telephone number so we gave her a call. We asked her if the filly was for sale and she told us no but we could go view her in the pasture if we wanted.  Of course we were curious and went to look; the filly was thin and neglected. The same pretty Dun color of her Dam and so dainty in her features. I went up to the fence and she came and laid her head in my arms, I knew and she knew that we were meant to be together. When we got back in the truck the filly followed the fence line till we could no longer see her, I looked at Fred and we both had tears in our eyes.  Fred tried one more time to get her to sell and once more she refused, there was nothing we could do. 
Then about two weeks later Fred told me to give her a call once more and before I could pick up the phone to call it rang, it was her asking if we still wanted Peppers filly.  We told her "Yes, of course" and went to get her that same day.  When we got to the pasture she was in, believe it or not she was waiting by the gate, and she somehow knew she was going home. 
So now when we go somewhere we not only boast about our Paints and Quarters, we inform everyone just how special the Sulphur's are. To us they hold a special place in our hearts and will remain with us till the end.
To my Husband Fred, he now has four Buckskin Duns, all of his Holiday wishes have come true. To me, I have one of the best breeds of all, my Sulphur horses.

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