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Ne-Ga-Ho foaled in August of 2001, is very easy to work with and has a gentle nature.  This young Sulphur stallion now stands at 14.2hds., Grullo with a minor white star and snip, wide dorsal, shoulder bars, racoon ears and heavy leg barring. Ne-Ga-Ho inherited his Dams gene of the long Iberian mane, at this time his mane measures 34 inches in length.
The Spanish Sulphur horse descends from the horses that were either stolen or purchased from the Spanish Missions in California just 150 years ago. In order to preserve this horse that by some miracle still exists, the ASHA will ensure that all horses being registered are of Spanish type. Some people would like to make others think that all of the horses on the HMA Spanish and non Spanish made the Spanish Sulphur. This is just incorrect thinking as it is obvious what made the Spanish Sulphur by their conformation, genetics, temperament and history. What made the Spanish Sulphur is the horses that were stolen or purchased from the Spanish Missions in California where these horseman took thousands of horses down the old Spanish Trail near the Great Basin in which these rare treasures can be found.

August 10, 2004
Ne-Ga-Ho's training for 2005
The Story of Ne-Ga-Ho, from a life of hell to the gentle young stallion he is today.