The Spanish Sulphur Horse's registry :
The American Sulphur Horse Association
The Spanish Sulphur Horse can also be found in the following registries:

Horse of the America's 
Spanish Mustang Registry
American Warmblood Society
The following sites are breeders/members of the Spanish/Iberian Sulphur Horse Association
Nature's Baroques
Broad Acres Farm
Sulphur Junction
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American Buckskin Registry
International Buckskin Horse

American Indian Horse Registry

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Equestrian Search Engine
Sulphur Horse Ranch Home Page
The Iberian Sporthorse & Warmblood Registry, Inc. Now recognizes the ASHA horses as Purebred Iberian blood. They will enjoy the same breeding privaledges as the PRE, PSL, American and Australian Andalusian.
This is the original Iberian Warmblood registry since 1986.

The Iberian Sporthorse & Warmblood Registry, Inc.
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