Dreamys Internet Adoption Photos,
June 2001
Catch me if you can....and eventually you may ride me, for I know some part of the human soul wants to feel what it is like to be me....and this is as close as you can get.  My body will be tamed as I seek peace, but my spirit will always reside in the mountains of Utah and the prairies below where I was born.  Do you not see how much we have in common?    Read Dreamy's story and learn of her first terrifying year in captivity with her first adopter
Dreamy has now been with us for three years, she can be let out to pasture and will come in when called.  She is a very kind and loving mare, very willing to please. She takes everything as it comes without the survival instinct of flight.  She is  a dream come true for us, we could not have  found a better mare for our breeding program.
Photo of Dreamy four months after Adoption.
Photo of Dreamy heavy in foal,she had a filly June 2, 2004
Dreamy is a beautiful Grulla, heavy leg barring with a two inch dorsal.  This mare carries the mane of a Stallion and passes this gene to her off spring. Dreamy was bred to Sulphurs Sioux Socks ( son of Sulphur's Chance ) and foaled a beautiful Dun filly 6/02/2004
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