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Taken from Dr. D. P. Sponenberg, DVM, PhD, text on off type Horses:

Even though some horses with such an appearance may be purely Spanish, they do pose a much greater risk of introducing outside genetic influence than do those horses of the more uniquely Spanish types that cannot be confused with these other breed influences. By concentrating on the most unique of the Spanish types the registries have also assured that this rare genetic resource has been conserved with minimal contamination. The registries are to be commended on their foresight for saving the most unique of the Spanish phenotypes, even if in the process some pure horses were left out.

The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire.
Dr. Phil Sponenberg concerning the Sorraias: "They are a remnant of a primitive type of Iberian horse. It was not Sorraias that were brought over to the New World, but rather it was related Iberian types. As a result, any horses in the New World with these line backed colors are not descendants of Sorraias, but are probably cousins of some sort or another.,, The dun factor coloring with the right conformation is very characteristic of Spanish type through descent from the Iberian horse. I have seen pictures of Sorraias in various horse books, and many of the Sulphur horses I have seen look just like them, both in color and conformation. In describing the Sorraia, Encyclopedia of the Horse states: "It is a true 'primitive' having characteristics of both the Tarpan and Przewalski and being extremely hardy it is able to survive on the very poor vegetation available, whilst withstanding the extreme climatic conditions." Exactly the same description can also be said for the wild horses of the Mountain Home Range.

Spanish Sulphur Mare's
All of our Sulphur Mare's are producing the true Spanish type and have been DNA tested through the University of Kentucky. Also, all of our breeding stock will be registered with the Iberian Sport Horse Registry                                            and Warmbloood Registry.
Spanish Sulphur Mare's